Orca Specialty Foods Ltd. was founded in 1995 and is a private company that has built strong B2B partnerships, markets and high quality product offerings. In the beginning OSF placed a high value on integrity and responsibility. Today, the company is driven by those values. In fact, we believe in continuous improvements for our business in order to deliver the highest quality smoked and value added seafood products globally.


Orca Specialty Foods Ltd. quality control program adheres to very strict policies and procedures: supplier assessments, audits, system reviews, corrective action and preventative action, certificate of analysis reports, microbiological and chemical analysis, sensory evaluation, production monitoring, pre-shipment and loading inspection, just to mention a few. 


Orca Specialty Foods Ltd. offers custom processing services to match your needs. Step by step processing from filleting, trimming, pinboning, skinning and portioning to a limitless combination of value added and ready to eat products